Car Loses Power And Shuts Off…

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Battery Light flickers, after driving for a little while the instrument panel loses power, headlights turn off, eventually ABS/Airbag/Oil lights come on and car eventually shuts down while driving. Battery tests good. Alternator was replace but gets good test results sometimes and test as if it is dead other times. Removed any additional feeds from the battery. Cant seem to find the problem. Have recharged the battery and it will run fine for a week or so still with battery light but once i have to use headlights or Air if raining it drains fast. Please help. 2005 Honda Civic SI with a 2004 Acura RSX Type S motor

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    1. Mike says:

      Sound like you have a faulty voltage regulator in this car but the problem is there not for sale only way to change it is to replace the whole alternator unit some times it work and other times it don’t it sounds like the alternator is on it last leg before total failure easy way to test this is to start the car and remove the positive battery cable if the car dies the alternator will have to be replaced if not check for any parasitic load on the car to see the standby voltage and running voltage

    2. Mave133 says:

      The regulator is shot. So you will have to replace the alt. because for that car it is internal on the alt. You said the alt was replaced so it should be under warrenty depending on when it was done.

    3. Robert M says:

      Have your charging system tested for FREE at an AutoZone. It should tell you if you have bad alternator diodes, regulator, windings, or just a failing battery. REMOVE and clean your battery terminals at BOTH ends. Power wash your engine bay with GUNK orange. If your battery cables are worn, replace them with GENUINE Honda cables. If you are using those replacement battery terminal thingies, GET RID OF THEM. They are only a temporary fix! Make sure that engine oil is NOT dripping directly on your alternator from a leaking cover gasket! IDLING rpoblem is different. Clean your throttle body and adjoining IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE to showroom clean conditions and KEEP THEM THAT WAY!! THey will stand up to periodic cleaning easily. E-mail me back with your results!

    4. The_boy_toy says:

      Something is obviously draining your battery. I would suggest taking it to AutoZone or O’Reilly’s to have them check it out. I would venture to say the mostly likely culprit is your starter is faulty.