Moisture In Headlight Cover

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I have an ’08 Chevy Equinox and there’s been some moisture inside both headlight covers.

I just bought the thing yesterday and it’s covered by the original warranty and everything. I was just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about.

Is it something I should have taken care of, or is it no big deal?


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    1. Talon699 says:

      Good old GM quality. If it`s an 08 then take it back and ask to have the problem looked at.

    2. Mister Ss says:

      Take it back to the dealer and tell them you want 2 new headlights put in, the parts are defective from the supplier.

    3. Joelhanksjr says:

      Should be a sealed unit. shouldn’t be moisture in it at all. go up there and have it replaced. though i don’t know if they can afford to put new headlights in it. the big shots probably haven’t gotten all the bonus’ they “need” yet. Yea, they’ve got Priorities! ha