How Do You Remove A 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle Foam Padded Dashboard

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I have taken off the screws, but completely forgot about the whole wiring scheme with the headlight switch, and the emergency light knob.

how do i remove the electrical knobs to remove the dashboard?

is there a website with a diagram?
we are talking about just the foam pad right? not the entire metal frame, correct?

because i mean just the foam pad, so i can have the painted steel underneath it showing, and not the black foam faux leather.

There are 2 Answers for "How Do You Remove A 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle Foam Padded Dashboard"

    1. Jay S says:

      The knobs just pull off.

      Here’s a thread with a diagram. Both dash types ^(

    2. The Best Answer Is says:

      Time for discovery. If your lights are a pull knob(well obviously pulling it off is not the solution otherwise it would be in your hands a few times before now. So that most likely unscrews off or there is a set screw or it is fastened to the headlight switch and there is a button on the switch that releases the shaft.
      I removed the dash once – it was not worth the effort. The steering wheel has to come off too; and the steering wheel shaft bracket holders and and and and and and you are going to start to ask yourself “Why did I even do this?”