How Do You Clean Build Up On Lense Cover Of Auto Headlight Plastic Cover

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Look like the head light cover is fading

There are 3 Answers for "How Do You Clean Build Up On Lense Cover Of Auto Headlight Plastic Cover"

    1. Gdwrnch40 says:

      You need some plastic polish from the auto parts store and a buffer.

    2. Dodge Man says:

      You can take some mild rubbing compound ,,like the type you use on paint,and use it on the clear lense and with a little effort it will remove the build up from them.then you can polish them out like you do the paint,and they will look real good,i do mine like that to keep them looking good all the time,,its better than buying new ones ,and a whole lot cheaper also,,good luck,i hope this help,s.

    3. Mysticrelation says:

      Well you didn’t give make and model ?

      so your Probably dealing with a sealed light lens, the only way in is thru the bulb hole.
      The best way is to remove the assembly and use a hose w/ a little bleach & a small rag on a coat hanger.
      I have drilled small drain holes on the bottom to let the moisture out > esp 80’s – 90’s fords

    4. Michael C says:

      Common toothpaste makes an excellent in-expensive rubbing/
      polishing compound for plastic.I’ve even use it to remove scratches from the lenses of sunglasses.
      Besides being very inexpensive,it’s easily removed with common
      tap water.