Does My 2003 Saab 93 Arc Need A Bixenon Or Xenon Headlight Bulb

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It has projector headlights, and high and low beam both emit light out of the same projector. I was wondering if you need a special “bi-xenon bulb” or would a regular “xenon” bulb work as well?

Since the high and low beams come out of the same projector, i was thinking that the light is constant anyways because high and low is affected by a motor that lifts a shield letting more or less light out for high and low beams. So i don’t know if there is a special bulb or not

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    1. Jude says:

      Try checking and go to the 9-3 forum. You will get a lot more help regarding your headlight issue and more. Good luck.

    2. Funzzy says:

      Only need the Xenon. Based on the Saab parts cataloge, the low beam is DS2 Hi intensity Xenon but high beam is H7 halogen type.

      Remove one of the bulbs and get the part number and then you can get the correct bulb for your type of vehicle. This is the easiest way to find the exact match. Other way to do it is to call your local Saab dealer, give them the chassis number and they ll be able to tell you the exact bulb type that were fitted to your Saab. This sort of info is exclusive to what had been fitted to your Saab and other Saabs of same age and model may have different types of bulbs installed. Always match the replacement part with the existing unit that is to be replaced. Only upgrade when it is feasible and when it will not affect the electronic circuitry. People install higher wattage bulbs on their cars and then overload the wiring or cause the headlamp reflector to fade and become useless.