Do I Really Need To Replace My Catalytic Converter

I’ve been taking my 2001 Toyota Corolla to my mechanic for awhile. Wasn’t too impressed because they forgot to install the light bulb in my headlights and stupid things etc… BUT, I recently went to AAMCO and they hooked up their computer system thingy to my car and said I needed to replace my catalytic converter and an oxygen sensor (my car has been having trouble speeding up). Total came up to $900 which wasn’t too bad compared to the dealership’s price of $1500 for just the converter.

Anyways, I like AAMCO better because I trust them and computer systems generally don’t lie. But, I took my car back to my mechanic for a second opinion before I dish out $900 bucks. They told me that I did NOT need to replace the converter or oxygen sensor. They looked at it with their EYES and said my car will be fine as long as I keep a high enough level of gas in my engine. They said my car is having trouble because I often drive with low gas levels. (This explanation doesn’t make sense to me, that’s why I’m HERE on yahoo).

Which mechanic should I trust? Go to AAMCO and pay $900? Or my old mechanic who says nothing is wrong?

Again: my car is having trouble speeding up, it feels like the engine drags. My check engine light has come on multiple times. No weird smells or leaks.
AAMCO did scan for error codes, the converter and sensor were what came up. Then my mechanic scanned for error codes and said nothing came up.

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