98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 4×4 Auto NO POWER

I have this Jeep I’ve been fixing up and outfitting for offroading, but I’ve realized I have no low end torque. I had some problems with the O2 sensors about 4 months ago, but solved that. The Jeep has a hard time staying in 4th gear on the interstate. If I hit a 5 degree incline or a gust of wind while driving 70 MPH it kicks into 3rd gear.

I’ve also noticed that the temp runs hot. I stuck my finger in the washer fluid container the other day and it was steaming. It feels like I’m always driving around in a higher gear and need to downshift, but I’m actually in the low gear. I normally drive in 2WD beacuse it’s easier on the suspension / tires.

I have the following on the Jeep…
-31×10.50 MT
-4.5″ lift (didn’t drop the t-case)
-Throttle body spacer (doesn’t do jack)
-Expedition rack
-K&N air filter (doesn’t do jack)
-Some stereo junk
-rebuilt tranny about 2 years ago
-I’m currently getting 11-13 MPG
-No error codes (ABS light is on)
-No custom gearing
-Recently swapped engines
-Recently changed plugs / wires / rotor / starter / alternator / exhaust manifold

Anyone have any ideas why I feel like I’m driving a prius??? I can’t even spin the tires unless it’s raining and I’m on slick pavement!! I think right now I couldn’t even beat a geo metro in a race. If I turn on the AC I can’t even beat a 49cc scooter in a race. Maybe I need to switch to the V8. Thanks for the help.
I did replace the O2 sensors as well as the Catalytic converter about 6 months back.

Something about the heat just seems odd. This Jeep runs really hot, but the engine temp is generally cool. I’ve also noticed that tranny fluid bubbles out if I fill it to the normal level. I’ve been driving with it low because it doesn’t boil out this way (bad idea). It seems to be overheating.

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