What’s The Best Product To Use To Make My Chrome Rims Shine Like New Again

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I don’t clean my rims as often as I should and a lot of the brake dust really did a number on the chrome. I have tried many products but I’m still not happy with the results. Are there any products that you’ve tried that brings back that shine?
it’s not light brake dust or maybe it’s something else. It’s black and when I wash my car most of it comes off but you can still see it, kinda looks like caked on oil I guess :(

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    1. Lady Temptress says:

      yes there is… damn.. I have to go hunt down the can. to find the name of it.. it’s like $25 a can. but it works and last.. hold on.

      ok.. its WAX sw-1

      you can use on entire car.. even to get the yellow dingyness off your headlight guards… and on your windows to keep fingerprints from getting on them.

      worked for me…

    2. Troy says:

      Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish (by Eagle One) is good stuff.

    3. nightwalker ^,..,^ says:

      pig spit, not actual spit from a pig its just the name of the chrome polish its really good stuff but i have no clue where to get it but yea PIG SPIT

    4. Dan says:

      I agree with TROY. You can’t beat that stuff for a shine. It is a lot of work but is worth it.

    5. Badboy Mikey.© says:

      I don`t know what`s in the US but i used to use a product that came in a can and was like cotton wool…..ummm,are you sure that they`re chrome coz brake dust should just wash off,and if it`s thick,some mag wheel cleaner will do the trick….If they`re alloy,use mag wheel cleaner also but don`t leave it on too long…ok?

    6. Stampy Skunk says:

      Try Goo Gone to remove anything on the rim, then I use regular paste wax on the rims.

    7. kb9pvj says:

      Before you get your front brakes pads replaced. Go to Advance Auto Parts and purchase the “Friction Master” brand ceramic brake pads. They have excellent braking performance and no brake dust. Best of luck.

    8. Ynot is a nice guy says:

      i love it when you boys talk shop

      Mikey’s answer almost gave me the Big O

    9. ?V??us? says:

      They say white vinegar or Coca cola is good for chrome, ive used them to clean my cooker and for stubborn pots and pans, and its been brilliant to be honest but i dunno if it would work on chrome wheels, its not too expensive a thing to give a go either if you decided to give it try.