What Product To Use To Remove Paint Overspray From Chrome Rims Without Harming The Rims. Thanks.,

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Have some overspray paint on a set of chrome rims that I have just bought. Need some help with removal without harming the rims.

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    1. Mike S says:

      If the rims are really chrome plated as opposed to polished aluminum, you can use paint thinner. Lacquer thinner usually works best. You can also try acetone.

      If you actually have polished aluminum rims, then the paint thinner can damage the clear coat.

      Steel wool can also be used but it must be very fine wool or it will scratch the finish. Polishing steel wools are available that would work.


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    2. lukky says:

      just use paint thinner or acetone to get the paint off. When done removing the paint wash rim real good to get all chemicals off. It wont damage the wheel but it will kick up on the car and damage the paint.

    3. naturescape70 says:

      If you go a car store. You can buy automotive clay. Use this with a little water. This will take it off. Works for rust specs top of paint too

    4. pharm_docs says:

      If its polished chrome, use carburetor cleaner!

      Seriously, as long as the rims aren’t clear-coated, you can use thinner/cleaner (for paint), or simply carb cleaner.

      If you aren’t sure, or you do have a clear coat, you should try using “goof off” or a similar cleaner to remove fresh paint from old finishes. But BEWARE – if you do have a clear coat finish, put the remover on a cloth or paper towel, and wipe only enough to remove the paint, taking great care not to rub too hard, or else you risk removing your clear coat or hazing it.

      You can also use rubbing or polishing compound and buff the overspray off, if you have the patience and time – fresh paint gets cut pretty quickly with rubbing compound. That is guaranteed the safest way, but it is also the most labor intensive.

    5. mister ss says:

      gas will do the trick and not hurt the chrome or you can get a bag of 000 steel wool from the hardware store and take it off with it.