Will A 1988 350 Chevrolet Engine Work In A 1995 Chevrolet Silverado.

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My dad has a 1995 Chevy Silverado and it has an egg shaped piston and it burns oil, its a throttle body and he found a engine that has a carburetor on it. Will it fit in his truck or would he have to get something done. If you could help me that would be great.. Thanks..

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    1. heishi8 says:

      yeah it should fit but there are some little things you got to worry about, like if there is a place to screw in your knock sensor

    2. Todd A says:

      Yes the block will work But you must save the parts from the 95 and put them on the 88. Though you might run into a problem installing your crank sensor.

    3. Eric F says:

      the motor should drop in just fine, and should also hook up to the tranny if you have the 700R4 or 4L60E. if it has the 4L80E you might need an adapter.
      Also, the 1995 silverado will not be smog legal and given the way the EPA is going, that will soon be across all 50 states.
      If you upgrade the motor on a car/truck, you can ONLY put an engine of the same year or newer, mainly for emissions purposes.
      It’s gettng very difficult as it is now to get carburators aside from the performer ones.

    4. Msean says:

      Any engine along with it’s transmission will fit in any other vehicle as long as there is room in the engine compartment. Just measure it out.

      Keep the engine and transmission paired and then your only problem is how to hook up the drive shaft, which may have to be shortened or lengthened.

    5. bandit_60 says:

      about the only thing that might be stopping you is the 95 has more pollution devises then the 88. if you take them off your 95 and put them on the 88 then it might work.

    6. chevyraceman_383 says:

      You will have a couple of probs but still easy swap.

      The ’95 has a 4l60E transmission thats computer controlled, once you install a carb’ed engine in the computer will no longer work which means the trans wont work.

      You will need a 80’s 700r4 transmission (should bolt right in place of the stock 4l60E)

      Next the ’95 is fuel injected. They use an in the fuel tank elec pump that puts out around 35 psi

      The carb’ed engine uses a block mounted mech. fuel pump that puts out 6 psi. A carb can’t take more thanm 6-7 psi

      So best option here is to take the block mounted pump off and install a $8 block off plate, then buy an $80 mallory high pressure adjustable fuel pressure reg. and install it on the supply fuel line before the carb, then adjust the pressure down to 6 psi and use the stock elec fuel pump

      Other than that its a bolt in swap