What Is The Function Of Camshaft Position Sensor And What Will Happened If Not Fixed

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I purchased a used 1996 ford explorer and when I tried to get it inspected they told me I need to get the camshaft position sensor fixed in order for it to pass. What is this and if it is not fixed quickly what will happen to my car, also how much does a part cost and where can I get it fixed or find info on it in durham, NC?

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    1. tito says:

      Camshaft Position Sensor ,signal to tell the computer to make minute adjustment on the emission system, and save you gas you can hardly notice it not working,as long it is not shorted or grounded, common problem is the small magnet inside falls off, if the magnet didn’t smash the moving parts inside,,you will only replace the sensor,which is cheap, part and labor wise, otherwise you ll have to replace,the whole assembly which is time consuming,and part is more expensive

    2. oklatom says:

      It sets the timing so the spark plugs will fire at the correct time according to what the computer tells it. It will go into “limp mode” to keep the car running long enough to get it to the shop, but will not keep emissions where they belong, which is why you are failing there. If you wait until it completely fails, the car will not start or run and you have a tow bill along with the repair bill. Any mechanic should be capable of the fix, and will give you an estimate of the cost.