What Causes Boilover From The Coolant Reservoir Drain Hose In A 1997 Chrysler Concorde

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1997 Chrysler Concorde, the top of the coolant reservoir (this car doesn’t have access to the actual radiator, if you need to add fluid has to be done from the coolant reservoir) has the drain hose in case of overfill or boil over. The drain hose is attached to the reservoir, but the other end is not attached to anything.

I noticed it overheating today, and when looking under the hood couldn’t see any leaks. Under the car, there was a slight leak coming from the side of the reservoir (passenger side) almost behind and in front of the wheel. When I cut the car off, water started shooting from the hose for boil overs. That either shouldn’t happen, or it should be routed back into the tank.

Any clue what causes this? The fans work, and the top radiator hose gets pressurized while running, but after 5 to 10 minutes at idle it runs hot. Any clues?

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    1. dodge man says:

      either the thermostat may be sticking on it,or the radiator may be getting stopped up in the bottom of it ,that will cause them to do this real bad,and the only way to stop this is take the radiator off ,and have it cleaned out,it would be a good idea to have this done anyway ,if that’s not it you can at least rule that out,but those cars were good for that,that would be where i would start looking on that one, ,that and the thermostat,good luck on it.

    2. gcjr554 says:

      Sounds like you might have bad thermostat, or plugged radiator, to check if radiator is cooling correct, gently put your hand on the radiator fins, becareful not to get burned, if there are any cool spots, that is where the radiator is not cooling, the radiator should be hot all over, in order to be cooling correctly. Next time the car overheats, turn on heater inside full blast, this should cool car down a bit, keep eye on gauge, replace the thermostat, get one exactly like the one you are removing, if radiator is plugged get replaced or take to radiator to take apart and clean,, get estimate first, might be less expensive, to replace radiator if it is plugged up, prices varies where you live for this

    3. gbpacker says:

      It is for the coolant to escape otherwise the pressure from to boiling coolant would blow the radiator and cap. Its a vent line for the resevoir incase of a boil over. Thermostat is stuck, waterpump not working right or radiator is plugged.