The Effect Of A Camshaft Position Sensor In A Car

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I have an 2001 F250. Error codes tell me that the MAF and the Purge Cannister is bad. I have replaced both. Still trouble starting, and rough erratic idling, with backfires. Could the problem actually be the Camshaft Sensor?

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    1. bmwrider says:

      The error codes do not tell you what to replace, only what circuits are having problems. Seldom does the MAF sensor ever fail. If it did, you could disconnect it and if it then starts, you can assume that it is NG. If you replaced both parts and still have the same trouble codes, you need to get a factory manual and follow the pinpoint test for each DTC.
      Are you getting a CMP sensor DTC?
      If it isn’t broken, don’t mess with it!
      You should have listed the codes that you got also, I never did like diagnosing in the dark>

    2. chewbaka says:

      God they spout some shi*e on here.So the cam sensor is there to check everything is in sync,what a load of bollox.If it aint in sync you are gonna have a lot of mashed valves.All these auto master techs ,Ive been in the job 35 years and you can bet your *** that if some jerk tells you he is a “master” this or that he is a tosser.The cam position sensor is there to tell the ecu what stroke number one cylinder is on.The crank position sensor can only tell the ecu the piston position but it could be on either compression or exhaust.A missfire is more likely to be an ignition fault or a leaking exhaust valve or valves

    3. Timbo is here says:

      Could be but usually it is a back up for the crank sensor to make sure all is in synch. It would not be if the selt tensioner was broken.
      I had a similar problem to this and it turned out to be the lambda sensor – bizarre but explained by the fact that the code numbers I had were wrong. Check yours, could be the lambda and the lambda heater that are broken.

    4. Shawn says:

      could be the knock sensor