The Cooling Fans and Cooling Fan Motor Relay in VW Beetle

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Mechanic told us yesterday that both cooling vans were not working in 2003 VW beetle. My husband is pretty good with fixing stuff like this- Can anyone tell me where the cooling fan motor relays are located? Has anyone else repaired this themselves?

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    1. wealthkeeper says:


    2. djaca70 says:

      Relays are above the fuse box. However, it may not be the relays, it could be the fan clutch.

    3. Grainov Truth says:

      Look in the fuse box. Most relays are there. Either silver boxes or plastic boxes that plug into the fuse box. Check your wiring diagram You could check the fans by running a pair of leads from the battery and hooking directly to the fan either it works or it don’t. If 12 volts won’t turn over the fan the fan motor is burnt out, if the fan motor works, then locate the relay and the fault is in the relay.