Where Is The Oxygen Sensor Bank #1, Sensor #1 Located At On A 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6

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Asked something similar a few minutes ago, but I wanted to refine it. I need to have the O2 sensor at bank #1, sensor #1 replaced (the mechanic referred to this as “bank #1, side #1″, but I think he meant sensor #1). I just need to know which one it is so I can buy the correct part. What is the location (side of car and before/after catalyst)? Thanks in advance for the info!
Thanks for the answers so far! I have a follow-up though: I noticed that Bosch manufactures universal sensors that seem like they would work well, but I keep seeing “two required” on many of the listings. Do I have to purchase 2 sensors for some reason, or does that refer to something else?

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    1. Mrchristian2231 says:

      All that matters when buying the part is sensor one which is before the converter

    2. Jay B says:

      With the motor sideways, bank 1 is closest to the dash and bank 2 is in front, sensor is the 1st sensor on exhaust coming out of the head and probably sensor 2 is after cat convertor

    3. Tronary says:

      The thing is— you don’t replace the sensor if it set a trouble code. I wish people would give some more info. The dtc that was set, is the car running properly etc. The trouble code tells you that the sensor found a problem with your fuel mixture. If the sensor has failed it will tell you so. NEVER replace a part till you know the problem