Where Is My Car’s Oxygen Sensor 1 Bank 2 Located

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What does bank 1 and 2 mean? How can I tell which is which?

My car has the “Service Engine Soon” light on. I scanned it and got the message “…the response time for oxygen sensor 1 in bank 2 was too slow during testing.” What does this mean? Thanks!
Sorry… 98 Infiniti i30

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    1. Cog1233 says:

      It meens you have more than 1 oxygen sensor.When you ask this type of question you need to let us know,make,model,year,of vehicle.You can go to autozone website and they have a section in there where you can get diagrams and how too info.

    2. Epitt72 says:

      Bank 1 is on the side of number 1 cylinder. Bank 2 is the other side.

      Sensor 1 is before the catalytic converter and sensor 2 is after it.
      The computer ran a test and the O2 sensor was to slow to react. It may be the sensor but proper testing is in order to be sure.

    3. Turbocivic89 says:

      “Bank” means either left or right depending on the set up of your exhaust system. In a true duel exhaust system, you have 1 catalytic converter on each side of the system. Bank 1 can mean left catalytic and Bank 2 is the right. Sensor 1 is the one before the catalytic and sensor 2 is after. Your sensor before the cat. is going bad.

    4. Italy_coolfun says:

      Bank 1 is on the side of number 1 cylinder. Sensor 1 is on the exhaust manifold.

    5. Rich2481 says:

      You have 4 O2 sensors, just replace the first sensor on the passenger side of your car, bank 2