Other Ways To Loosen A Stuck Oxygen Sensor

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So im trying to get my oxygen sensor out but its really siezed. i sprayed it with PB blaster eairlier. i think a torch might work but its really packed inthere. anyone used anyting different?

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    1. Erics Towing & Auto Sales Inc. says:

      Cut the wire off then use a 6 point socket and a breaker bar and if needed a chunk of pipe.
      of a box end wrench and a pipe.

    2. LeAnne says:

      Cut the wire, heat the area around it and use a six point socket to break it loose and remove it.
      Lightly coat the new threads with an anti-seize compound and install it.

    3. ls1bird says:

      slip a pipe over your wrench

    4. The Truth is out There & so am I says:

      I use pb my self maybe spray it once a day for a few days if that doesn’t work try a temp differential to get it to pop loose

    5. mike p says:

      Try turning it the other way just a little to see if it breaks loose.