How Much Should It Cost To Replace A Oxygen Sensor On 03 Toyota Corolla

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I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla and it seems one of the oxygen sensors has become faulty. A mechanic told me it would be somewhere around 1200 with parts and labor, but I cant imagine it would cost that much. Please let me know if you know any better.


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    1. dopeboy360 says:

      they lied to you i changed my friends o2 sensor on his 98 ford explorer it was no more than 200 dollars for the part its just a little piece.

    2. reis_pedro82 says:

      $1200!!!! for just one O2 sensor? geez! yeah this mechanic is trying to rip you off. we don’t even charge $400 for this here at my toyota dealer.
      becareful with these mechanics trying to sell you O2 sensors. they love doing that. but it’s not always that O2 sensor that goes bad. looks like you need a REAL diagnosis to see what your car really needs. take it to a toyota dealer where we know what we are doing.
      heads up: if you end up needing a catalytic converter for some reason (which is what usually happens), it will be around $1200 for just the part. i’ve seen people get aftermarket catalytic converters in their toyotas because they did not want to pay $1200 for factory one (i don’t blame them), and they come back to my dealer because the check engine light is on. turns out the aftermarket CATs do not meet the parameters set by toyota. so the check engine light comes on.