How Much Should It Cost Me To Repair An Oxygen Sensor On A Volvo 850

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I took our Volvo 850 GLT SW to the mechanic and they said it had a faulty Bank 1, Sensor 2 on it (sensor code PO136). The mechanic is recommending that I replace the sensor and update the harness kit for $500. Is this in the right ballpark for the cost? And is it a critical fix or can I let it go…the car has 157,000 miles on it.

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    1. Svoman says:

      I replaced 1 of 4 on my 97 Explorer myself for $58 from Kragens, prior I drove it for a year, till I had to get it smogged.
      I hope he’s replacing all of them for that much.

    2. Somethingtotry says:

      If it is an oxygen sensor, it should cost no more than $100 for the part. I think $500 is a bit much.

    3. Shon42073 says:

      The above posts are totally wrong, this is not a ford, or whatever else. Yes, $500.00 for a dealership to replace one oxygen sensor is normal. The part is about $250.00, just depnds on were you are, and the new sensor comes with a little extra wire harness the techinician must add in line. Labor should be 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours just depends on how the shop runs its labor times. Anymore then 2 hours and something is wrong, so look at the breakdown of costs on your repair order and question anything.

    4. Raul21 says:

      The part OEM by Bosch is about 175. You can get a replacement part of unknown quality for about 40. Do not know about harness kit 500 is a bit high. Not critical but depending upon what state you are in you may not be able to get an inspection sticker due to emmissions problems. At 157k you car is just broken in. Get a second opinion from another shop.

    5. Sang K says:

      You should be able to get the two Bosch O2 sensors for under $300 if you mail order. Installation should take 15 minutes for one. The most difficult part would be taking the two sensors out.

      Knowing that most mechanics would charge minimal 1 hour service, $500 do not appears to be that excessive. Also need to wait until exhaust system to cool down. Make sure to get OR Bosch O2 sensors. Youer mechanic may charge for OE sensors, and install cheap $40 universal sensors.