How Far Can I Drive With A Malfunction On My Heated Oxygen Sensor Without My Car Messing Up

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I need to take a 8 hour drive but I don’t want to risk it really messing up. I was told it wasn’t extremely important. Is that true?

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    1. Bobby-o says:

      You should have no problem. This is an emission sensor to reduce pollution. You will need to get it fixed prior to getting an inspection.

    2. Michael says:

      That is true. If the problem is in the heater circuit of the #1 sensor it will only increase emissions during warm up and the car will run fine, and if the #1 sensor is just plain defective you can expect increased emissions and slightly reduced fuel economy. If the sensor is the one known as #2, which just monitors the catalytic converter operation, even those problems do not apply.

      Enjoy your trip!

    3. Crazybass says:

      It would be best to get it fixed before you go on a 8 hour trip. you could get worse gas mileage if its not working properly, also your engine can run to rich or to lean with out that sensor working right. most likely it will effect gas mileage somewhat. hope this helps.

    4. Ross says:

      Yeah it wont be a problem but you should still get it fixed when you can

    5. Clayton M says:

      Your good to go – it’s set to give you some time – 1000 miles or less

    6. Chuck says:

      Your O2 sensor (oxygen sensor) helps regulate your gas mileage. a malfunctioning sensor can cause your gas mileage to suck but it will not hurt your engine. I do recommend getting if fixed as soon as you can. You dont want most of your money going in your tank.

    7. P3200tmz says:

      Why not just fix your car. It’s broken, needs to be fixed.

    8. Mdk68gto, Ase Certified M Tech says:

      The o2 sensor is there to trim fuel amounts to an ideal level, the computer is preset with the levels that should be deliver to a given quantity of air in certain conditions. the heater section is used to get that sensor to operating temp faster to optimize fuel economy. i see no problem with driving aside from a light that remains on as long as it is not flashing at you. if that happens pull over and shut it off.