How Do You Know If Your Oxygen Sensor Is Bad Or Is Going Bad Is There A Noise

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Its a 1995 Dodge Neon if that helps…im just asking because I know these cars usually need them replaced..but how do you know if it does or not?

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    1. Myredneck G says:

      You will have to have the vehicles computer scanned for trouble codes to know for sure. The oxygen sensor wont make a noise, Its not a moving part. There are some symptoms to look for: Bad smelling exhaust, power loss, “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light on, poor fuel economy, the engine idling rough or running rough. But like I said, you will need to get it the computer scanned, because any number of things could cause those problems. Some auto parts stores now scan your car’s computer for free.

    2. Futura says:

      While I cannot help with the model of vehicle you own, I do know that the main tell tale signs an oxy sensor is on its way out is:

      1) fuel economy is poor
      2) The engine isnt running as smooth as it usually is
      3) power is reduced when accelerating


    3. Dodge Man says:

      They don’t give off no noise or anything,they might set a check engine light to come on sometimes,but most of the time people drive around with these things bad and don’t know it for a while,you can have the computer scanned and that will most of the time reveal if its bad or not,good luck with it.

    4. Helpful Bob says:

      In my opinion a car that old if the oxygen sensor hasn’t been replaced I’d surely have it replaced asap , especially if you think the car isn’t running etc properly.