Can A Loose Air Intake Hose Cause An Engine To Run Rich Or Mess Up Oxygen Sensor Readings

My check engine light has been on and the dealer says I have a bad oxygen sensor. It’s a 2003 Caravan and I was under the hood last night to see how difficult it would be to change the sensor. They also told me my throttle body needed cleaning so when I went to check it out I realized they didn’t put the intake hose from the air cleaner to the throttle body on all the way. After I checked it and put the hose on correctly the check engine light went off after I drove about 30 miles. I put the two things together and wonder if the sensor is really bad or the readings were off because of a lose intake hose. Anyone have any advice on this?
Update- The mechanic told me it was the upstream sensor and it was reading 38% oxygen.

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