After You Replace An Oxygen Sensor Will The Check Engine Light Turn Off Automatically

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I just had the downstream oxygen sensor changed on my 2003 Monte Carlo and was wondering if the check engine light would turn off by itself eventually?

Or do I have to unplug the battery?

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    1. bookie0116 says:

      Not necessarily, you may have other problems that’s causing the engine light to stay on.

    2. baldie says:

      you unhook the battery before you install it, wait awhile and hook the battery back up. that should clear the codes.

    3. biga87718 says:

      Unplugging the battery rests the computer. Course I would have disconnected the battery before replacing the sensor.

    4. joan says:

      After you put in the new sensor, disconect the negative battery terminal for a few minutes then reconnect it. that will reset your check engine light. after about 90 or so miles, if your check engine light doesn’t come back on, you should be in the clear.

    5. dr_layne says:

      No the light will not turn off right away. You can disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for 10-15mins, or take the car to an Autozon or Advance auto parts and they will reset the light for free.

    6. catmandew says:

      It will turn itself off if that was the only thing making it go on. Usually after 25 closed-loop cycles on most vehicles.

    7. mdk68gto says:

      depending on what year you are talking about, it could but that would be on a pre 96 car. on the obd2 systems, it need to see 40 successful drive cycles before that light will go off on its own. unplugging the battery might not do it