Location of the Cooling Fan Relay for a 1996 Ford Escort

Posted in Engine & DriveTrain | Asked on Nov 18, 2009

My cars cooling fan is cutting on after the car is shut off. I need to replace the cooling fan relay but i dont know where it is. 1996 Escort 1.9L Standard

There are 2 Answers for "Location of the Cooling Fan Relay for a 1996 Ford Escort"

  1. Josh S says:

    Some cars the fan will stay on for a little while after it is shut off. Can’t rember if you car is supposed to. The fan relay is located under the hood in a junction box with fuses. I think that year does any way. There are probley 4 or 5 relays in there. I think it tells on the lid of the box.

  2. mick says:

    This is normal condition for this model Ford Escort

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