Is It Possible to Fit a Cold Air Intake on a Carburetor

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I have a 1990 camaro w/ carbureted chevy 350 and was wondering if i can fit a cold air intake on it?I only have about 2-3inches of clearance from the top of the carb to the hood. If so would i gain any power rather than having the 8in open air filter just siting on top of the carb? If so where could I buy one?

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    1. stephen b says:

      K&N makes a cold air intake for almost every vehical made (american) I am posative that they have one for your camaro. O’Reilly Auto Parts will order one for you. Will run between $180 – $275.

    2. Andrew B says:

      i dont think a cold air intake is gonna fit under the hood unless you get one custom made, or get a hood with more clearence, like the ones with the hump one side. cold air intakes do give more power id you install it correctly. (if you dont, vacuum leaks may result)

    3. thechaleman says:


      The factory 305HO had a a duel snorkel kit that worked with the factory air cleaner kit, and it did wake up the motor quite well.