Is It Possible And Cheap Way To Fix A Leaky Coolant Hose Using Duct Tape

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Depend on the temperature that the coolant/heater reaches. Duck tape is for many purposes including quickly fix body panels in racing during a race, but it was mainly created for vent/heater ducts that get warm but not warm enough to burn the chemicals in the tape or cause the tape to ignite.

Also if the section you are trying to fix has a pressure greater than what the tape can withstand at one layer than is not a good idea to use it, since even increasing the layers will not increase it’s resistance due to the fact that is a flexible material and will not maintain a continues junction.

Unless you can layer it continuously and in a vacuum manner what ever pressure one layer can withstand is a good indication weather it will hold to repair the leak. Good luck and do a safe repair job, because I will tell you that if is a radiator hose you are trying to repair unless you are in the middle of the desert and need to get the car to a safe location, you should never use duct tape to repair it.

Also would do at least twenty layers if there was ever the need to do it in an emergency, will only last you about 30 to 60 minutes and probably loose coolant so you would need to check it every 15 to 20 min. I hope this helped.

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    1. wiseorno says:

      Duct tape is cheaper than calling a tow truck to get your car home, but not cheaper in the end when you overheat, causing other hoses to expand, and possibly lose the plugs on the engine. When one area overheats, it can really screw up the rest of the system.
      Had a water pump changed on a van, I absolutely INSISTED they change out all the hoses connected to it, and found out 2 weeks later, the day before a 500+ mile trip, that they had not. Cost me another couple of hundred dollars to have it properly done, would have been a disaster on the road with a loaded down van and kids.
      Relatively speaking, hoses are one of the cheaper parts one can replace, be careful about penny-wise pound foolish. It’s cost me in the end.
      Use the duct tape to get it a short distance if you have to – make sure you have lots of extra water on hand – if you have to keep filling it, don’t open the radiator, pour it into the overflow tank.
      Good luck!

    2. Dazey says:

      If you are broke down on the side of the road with a leaky hose and you have duct tape, awesome, wrap that puppy up and head for the nearest parts store. But if you are looking for a long term fix, that isn’t it. Duct tape will start to weaken and fray in a short time and you will be stuck on the side of the road again!

    3. Life_on_ says:

      that’s good to get you home when you break down if that’s all you have to patch it up with, I did it once and it didn’t hold the water for long it just slows the flow a bit…but it got me home slowly after topping up the water and keeping my eye on the temp gauge all the way home. next day I got a new hose and changed it…
      grab yourself a new hose as soon as you can and save yourself more headaches and possibly cooking your engine…

    4. Converse says:

      Hmmm. There’s probably some better solutions. I’d use some kind of “sealant tape” such as the type plumbers use, and then you could duct tape around that. Just duct tape might not prevent leaks enough.
      Be careful to ensure that wherever you are doing this on the hose that it won’t be in danger of melting/burning during operation.

    5. Glen says:

      Only if it’s to get you home or to a shop without leaking any more fluids. You need to get it fixed soon. Hoses aren’t terribly expensive as parts go, so take it in and get your hose replaced as soon as you can.

    6. A Huge Moose says:

      Not any FIX at all, but a cheap way to get home at night until you can get a real FIX.

    7. Dan W says:

      i’d drain it… then put some liquid sealer on there… let it dry over night, then wrap it in duct tape… fill it back up.

    8. JaceNess says:

      No. Replacing the hose is cheaper and better in the long run.

    9. GibsonEs says:

      Nooo Way!!!!!!!!!!! It is a good temporary fix but you seriously need it worked on.

    10. Gurgalar says:

      might be good enough to get you home
      you know a hose and a screwdriver might cost you 20 bucks

    11. kelly_f_ says:

      not goodway, but its the cheap quick-fix way…
      its best to just do it properly

    12. Andrei. says:

      Go get a slapchop and slap those troubles away!

    13. The Executive Of Metal says:

      That’s how we do it in Georgia!!

    14. Kevin says:

      Not the best way….. I’ve done it though and it worked