Would A Loose Ground Wire On A Car Make It Quit While Driving Or Randomly Not Start.

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My 1995 ford bronco will randomly stop while driving and I have to wait for it to restart. It will also randomly not start when I go to get in it and after it sits it will start. I know its not over heating, i have had the fuel pump changed, coil changed, ignition module, etc. It is still doing the same thing. I have drove it a ton of miles and then it started again. Would a loose ground cause this? A friend of mine said he had the same issue with his and the loose ground was the problem.

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    1. Bigmackburger says:

      Well it would deffinitly cause the not starting but shutting off prob not take it to a certified ford dealer its worth the mony to get it fixed.

    2. Rich_and_allison says:

      Depends on how the computer of the car interprets a ground wire malfunction. If it sees it as a bad deal, there is a good chance of it shutting down on you.

      Check the ignition and the solinoid, those also may be problems as well.

    3. Steven P says:

      Yes, check the battery terminals and check the cables where they connect but there are many diff. ground wires on a car.

    4. Aquadobie says:

      It’s possible depending on what the ground wire goes to, and if its the ignition ground then it could stop it while driving and not start, and if its to the battery then it wouldn’t allow it to start but not stop while driving unless you have a bad alternator too

    5. Grd_jck(au) says:

      Have you checked the battery connections, they may be tight but not connecting, take them off , give them a good clean with a bit of fine sand paper clamp up and with a bit of luck ,its fixed ,

    6. Daniel T says:

      Most definitely it can cause that problem. As the temperature changes the metal wil expand and contract.

      If the ground… or power for that matter, is even a little loose it will cause intermittent stalling, and as the temperature stabilizes, it will start again.

      Hope this helped

    7. Lost_cause_777 says:

      Start with the easiest things to check, which are the battery cables. Next, move down these cables to the starter and engine ground locations. Two other (less likely, but worth the investigation) possibilities are the ground strap(s) at the back of the engine which bolts to either the frame, or the firewall(ground straps look like a narrow metal tow-strap), and also how tight the actual starter is to the engine block. The latter is very likely to cause the engine only to start when it wants to, but i don’t think it would cause it to shut down on the road unless the computer in the Bronco relys on the starter also for a good ground point. Please keep in mind to wiggle each connection to check for looseness, a visual inspection is not going to reveal most bad connections.

      Hope all this helps ya