Why Would My Car Just Stop Working While Im Driving

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I have not had a single problem with the car . i was driving down the road and it just stalled and now i cant get it to start we checked the fuel pump its not that it kicks on when we try to start it the timing is ok still intact it has oil and gas and water when we try to start it just makes a whining noise what could be wrong with my car?

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    1. Wimpy says:

      It would help if we knew the year and make of the auto .but i will say to have your ignition modul checked .

    2. Blake says:

      Sounds electrical to me. Maybe a coil pack or something simple like the ignition fuse/relay if you know someone that has general knowledge about cars tell the to check the spark plugs for fire. If they don’t spark I’d definitely take it to somewhere like autozone and let them plug it up to the computer and run the codes ( I say autozone cuz they do it for free here) good luck

    3. Jamesbergen50 says:

      Sounds like the starter turns. But the Bendix on the starter do’s not kick out to engage. Hm Bendix did not release, turning the stater while driving. Back feeding current threw the frame. Kicked out the computer some were.

    4. Mal says:

      1/. check the fuel level as gauge maybe faulty
      2/. In a dark place try to start have someone look for sparks in the wrong place
      3/. If you have a coil check connections and test for spark
      hope this helps

    5. Pedro7of9 says:

      Curious as to how you know fuel pump is working,,,did you test it with pressure gage?
      2 how do you know the timings ok..did you check it on a machine?
      3 always start at battery…battery good? i mean tested..not just “the radio plays” cause radio only need 10 volts which will NOT run the car…cables clean and tight?
      4 timing belt could be broke
      5 coil failure
      6 is whining noise the starter cranking it over? could be starter failed,,that sometime stops a car in its tracks,

    6. Dolphinmax19 says:

      Its a 1997 Saturn SL2 1.9 DOHC