Why Is My Car Going Into Neutral On Its Own While Driving

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I have a 2001 Saab 9-5se (automatic) and the past day or so it has been shifting itself into neutral while driving on the road – so the car stops dead – not safe! does anyone know why this is happening or what it could be?

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    1. Dani says:

      Yea mayb your transmission its almost gone there slipping

    2. Terri says:

      Get the shift lever bushes changed (it comes as a kit) this should sort the issue

    3. Lvrzwllm2000 says:

      Might need to be adjusted …take it to your mechanic

    4. Opal1331 says:

      Does the car actually go into neutral, that is, does the shift lever move, or is the tranny just refusing to go?
      If the shift lever is moving then it’s a linkage problem, where something may be moving due to torque and tilting of engine, if the car just refuses to go, then it could be low fluid level, weak front pump, worn torque converter or internal transmission problem, also dirty oil filter in transmission.

    5. Krazybob613 says:

      If the shift indicator is moving to the neutral position while driving it may mean that the motor / transmission mounts are broken and the excessive movement is causing the shifter to come out of drive. More likely however at the age of your car is that the transmission is slipping due to (normal) wear. Have a transmission specialist (Or 3 or 4) check it out and give you estimates. choose one of the middle estimates – the low ball estimate probably left something out!

    6. Baldie says:

      It,s probably not going all the way into drive. try going from 2nd into drive and see if it stays in drive.sounds like the linkage needs adjusted.