Why Does My Car Stop While Im Driving

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Today as I was driving maybe about 8 or 9 miles home, my car stopped in the middle of traffic about 10 times. i had to turn it back on but every few blocks it would turn off again. When it turns off, the oil light and the e-brake light comes on. I know im overdue for an oil change, which i know i shouldnt have waited so long to change it. Would that be a factor as to why my car stops? When I checked the oil today, it kind of smelled like gasoline. Idk, im a total car newbie. What might other reasons be for this?

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    1. Iliveforhim says:

      The engine is pumping gasoline into the motor where the oil is usually a problem with the engine or its valves

    2. Bacon Boy says:

      Sounds like its running rich,dumping gas into the oil. you wait to long to change the oil you might not have engine. also get the car diagnosed to see why running rich

    3. Nipunsyal says:

      First of all the oil light and e-brake light has nothing to do with it. If a perfectly ok car will stall and the key is in on position ( it always is while you are driving) , these lights will glow. You should bother about these lights when you are driving (engine is running) and then they glow or flash.

      As for your car is stalling again and again, there is definitely some mechanical problem if you are driving the correct way and shifting gears the way they should be. The problem could be with the fuel pump which sometimes throw less and sometimes more fuel in engine. Greater possibility is of having problem in you car engine, perhaps with the piston rings. Piston rings may not be able to retain the compression well and as a result your car stalls due to lack of power and oil smells of gasoline.

      As you said you are a car newbie i strongly recommend that you get help of some expert mechanic as soon as possible. Otherwise you may unintentionally damage your car.

    4. Speed Of Pain says:

      It might have AIDS man!

    5. Toolbox says:

      Could be fuel filter blocked or several other things
      You said you need an oil change,what about a tune up,how long has it been
      Check your battery terminals are Clean and that they are on firmly
      If terminals wobble or are dirty you may be getting no power and this then stops the car
      Eventually you are going to need a mechanic .
      You need to find a good one, ask around for recommendations ,you may need to use trial and error

    6. Lance John says:

      Maybe a clutch problem
      go to a mechanic