Which Cars Had Chevy 283 Engine

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My buddy was looking for a 283 block, and wanted Me to find it on car-part.com. I’m not sure which cars the 283 came in. Can anyone give Me a list of cars they know had the 283. Thanks

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    1. Silverstang says:

      Older chevy corvettes, Chevy Belairs, and maybe even the older trucks had them.

    2. chevyraceman_383 says:

      283 was made in 1957 through 1967. It was installed into every car/truck chevy had then

      In fact 1957 to 1961 the 283 was the only V8 chevy had

    3. manny says:

      1967 Chevrolet had them

    4. mastertech35 says:

      the 283 was last made in 1961. The 327 1969. Then the 350. If he is restoring it to orignal 283 is going to be very hard too find. If not 350 is the better bet to go with.

    5. Older1 says:

      1957 through 1967. It was available in Chevrolet, Chevelle, Bel Air, Impala, Biscayne, Chevy II, 120, 210, basically all the mid and standard sized sedans and coupes. Corvettes until 1962. Also available in the light duty trucks. Not available in Corvair.

    6. Tom C says:

      my brother had a 1970 chevy pick up with a 283 in it.

    7. mikey says:

      Chevyraceman is right mostly. Made 57 through 67 and installed in every car and truck they made except corvair. But in 58 to 61 they made the “W” motors also, 348 & 409. I have also seen a 57 chevy in the junkyard which had a 348 with the 348 flags emblem in the center of the grille and the car had a turboglide. Maybe not factory but it sure looked like it was.