Where To Find Plug Wire Diagram Or Just Help On Plug Wires For 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 Small Block

Can some one please help me? I’m trying to figure out the firing order or maybe I mean the schematic for my spark plug wires on an 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block 4 wheel drive truck. While my husband was changing them I believe he accidentally got probably 2 of the wires confused. ( This is why beer and auto repair doesn’t mix, lol. ) He said after he changed the plugs he then began changing the wires and did them one at a time but after completing the job the truck is now back firing like crazy. I asked him if he might have gotten some confused and he said, I guess it could be possible, but I don’t see how since I did them one at a time. My other thought was maybe the gap on the plugs could be off. Anywo, he got pissed and says he’s going to take it to the mechanic and I said, why?? I told him I could find a diagram for the plug wire schematic on-line and he isn’t convinced I can find this. He won’t go near the computer, lol. I know the answer is here somewhere, lol. Now I’m on a mission to find and do this myself. Seriously this is a mission! Please help my be hailed as a genius. lol Come on I know this isn’t rocket science and the fix here is simple. And I do know a few things about cars and I love working on them and trying to understand them.

If I’m standing in front of the truck facing the engine and the firewall. Since there are 4 plug wires on the left and 4 plug wires on the right of the engine, can someone tell me what each plug number is from back to front, starting left to right while facing the firewall? I have done some searching and I keep seeing the firing order, if I’m looking right that is at, 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2.

So would that mean while facing the firewall my first plug numbers on the left side (passenger side) starting closest to the back and working forward is 1,8,4,and then 3 would be closest to front of engine on the left side, then over to the driver side from the first plug closest to the firewall 6, then 5, then 7, and 2 would be at the closest to the front of the engine? Yes this is a guess on my part.

Ok now to the distributor cap, 8 wires and one for the coil wire, right. How do I figure this thing out to see if maybe one of the wires got put on there wrong? Can someone tell me what what number plug wire goes to what point on the distibutor cap? Working clockwise…. If you can be specific with the starting point.

I was hoping to find a picture diagram of the wiring schematic on-line somewhere but so far I’ve had no luck. Maybe someone can tell me where to find this??? Help please….. Like I said, I’m on a mission now, lol.
Thank you guys soooo much. Your Great!!! Ok now I get it. I had the concept all wrong. Guess that’s why I asked the question, lol. But now I understand! Well ok I haven’t gone out and done it yet but I’m on my way….

LOL Mickey, that’s Boxer as in Boxer dog. Because he’s the best thing since sliced bread and apple pie. ; ) Ya don’t get any better dog than a Boxer! So that’s Luv My Boxer. 🙂
Ok let’s see if this works, lol. Is this right?


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