Where Can I Get The Tools To Change The Timing Belts On A 2002 Landrover Freelander

Posted in Internal Engine Parts | Asked on Jul 7, 2010

I need to replace the timing belts on a 2002 Freelander HSE. I guess the tools are only available to Landrover and they do not sell them. Where can I buy them?

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  1. J H says:

    You need a service manual, chilton, haynes, or a factory service manual which they do sell. Then you need a basic set of tools. I do not recall any specialty tools involved, but most people do not have a basic set of mechanics tools. Any tools you would need are available at sears, snap on or Mac tools dealer, and most auto parts stores carry the tools you will need for this job. Likewise any specialty tools needed will be listed in a service manual, a haynes manual will give you an alternate common tool if one can accomplish the job.

  2. Sang K says:

    The only special tool I am aware of is the one to hold the crankshaft pully while removing the mounting bolt. If the $tealer would not sell it do you, then you can go to a machine shop and ask them to make one for you. Or you always get the most powerful ingersoll rand impact wrench and shoot it out.

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