What Is The Exact Name Of The Part On The Engine That The Spark Plugs Screw Directly Into

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I have a 1998 Dodge Neon R / T and I need to replace the engine part that the spark plug right in. I was told its cylinder head, but I’m not sure if I got the right answer. I had pulled out a problem with one of my spark plugs out of the threads, and the temporary solution, because it was back to “Part Name” with a threaded adapter. I was told that I have to change the next time my opinion or spark plugs and I have the same problem happen again (which is starting to happen), please substitute the correct way to resolve this problem would b 2, the whole “part name “. What is the average cost and time to replace this part? The do not ask for how much the part costs. Thanks.

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    1. deljack05 says:

      The Head. If you are mechanicly inclined you could get a used head and change it yourself. Most of thee garages around here will charge you about $400 plus the part.

    2. Britney H says:

      That’s the correct name.Your probably looking at about $1000. More than the car is worth.

    3. Busitnjustin41 says:

      What you were told is correct, the cylinder head will need to be replaced, or possibly sent to a head shop to be repaired (im not sure if they can repair that or not) labor rates vary in different parts of the country but I would say probably $1000 in labor (6.6 hours x labor rate) and another $1000 in parts ( head, gaskets, t-belt, wp….depending on how proactive you want to be) ect) that might be a little high but its in the ball park. Good luck! There is no way you will get the whole thing done for $1000…the head alone will cost you 1/2 of that.

    4. jeepster says:

      It’s called the head labor aprox $600.00 it would be cheaper for you to have them put in a helecoil

    5. D S says:

      Yep the head. BUT save yourself loose the car and start over..

    6. Charles C says:

      It’s the head. If you get it fixed or not, something to remember in the future is that they sell grease to put on the threads of the spark plugs. It can prevent such things from happening.

      I looked up Heli-Coil which someone above referenced and you might want to check it out.

      http://www.emhart.com/products/helicoil.asp ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.emhart.com/products/helicoil.asp)

    7. Bill S says:

      I don’t know what has already been done, but there is an inexpensive repair for stripped spark plug threads called a Helicoil.

      Below is a link that explains the process.