What Is A Throttle Body And What Does It Do What Happens If You Continue To Drive With A Damaged One

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My engine light came on and the dealer said they cleaned my throttle body and reset the engine light but if it comes back on then I will have to replace the throttle body. I have a long distance move coming up, is it safe to drive my car on this move? What does a throttle body do anyway?

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    1. john s says:

      the throttle body replaced the carburetor as a more efficient fuel delivery system if it is “broken” you could experience poor fuel economy and loss of power

      depending on where it is broken (if it is leaking fuel) you could have a fire hazard

      replacing it could be a good way to go if it is severe

    2. justin_is_subzero says:

      the throttle body (TB) controls how much air gets to the engine. It might be safe to drive it but you will probably experience a decrease in gas mileage and lowered performance. There is not fule connected right to the tb so there is no chance of it catching on fire. The fuel injectors are quite a ways from the tb. If anything is damaged, it may be the throttle body position sensor, check and replace that first, if you HAVE to replace the TB. TB’s can be expensive, if you can, go to a junk yard and try to find a good one

    3. StatIdiot says:

      If your throttle sticks then you may have trouble stopping the car. However it may have only needed a clean.

    4. rweaponx1 says:

      the throttle body is the cable that connects the gas peddle to the fuel system if this gets stuck while you are driving then you could be in serious trouble, the flip side is if this breaks then you won’t get the car to move at all either way you should get this fixed before a long trip because if this breaks in the middle of nowhere and the garage knows this it is a license to rip you off.

    5. LARRY M says:

      As usual, mechanics are lying rip-offs. The “thottle-body” of a carborator (if you don’t have fuel-injection) is simply that area of the carb in which the “butterfly” sits within the “ventura”…an hour-glass shaped inner part of the carb. About the ONLY thing that can actually damage the throttle-body would be a foreign object getting past the air-cleaner or filtering system which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. It is an EXPENSIVE part and the labor for replacing it is even higher. I would say that you’re being dooped and lied to. And if I’m right, which I believe I am, it won’t hurt your vehicle by any means at all to drive it for another 10,000 plus miles. The mechanic sees your vulnerability and is trying to take advantage of you. I KNOW, because I was once a certified mechanic who was TOLD to take advantage of the customers. Just drive your car…I’m sure it’s just fine.

    6. Char frm Undercar says:

      Sounds like you have a General Motors Vehicle (Chevy, Buick, Pontiac)… Well your throttlw body is the top portion of the enging that let’s in the filtered air into the combustion chamber… Dependoing on what year your vehicle is, typically this has a little “door” or throttle plate which is connected to your gas pedal. Whn you accelerate the little plate pivots to emmit air for the air/fuel ratio…. this this door sometimes gets gunk build up on the hinge of the plate or on the edges of the plate, thus making it difficult for the door to pivot and not emmitting the necessary air….this creates a lean condition and set’s off the check engine light. By cleaning it you free the plate in hope that it will run correctly and light will not come back…However, I have yet to hear of replacing the complete intake because it is sticking, I have heard of replacing the throttle body is there is a crack or leak in it, because then you have an air leak into your system.However if there is that much build up, then you may have another problem….and as far as going on a trip, first find out if it was build up on the throttle plate or if it really has a leak. Then ask them what they would recommend…Good luck