What Could Be Wrong With My Car It Stops Randomnly…while Driving, At A Stop Sign, Idling

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  • It’s a 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88′ Royal BUT it wasn’t driven much until March of 2004 since then it has been regularily. It only has 55,000 miles on it.

    It only stops working maybe 4 -6 times in a six month period…could a wire from the battery be loose? The battery was purchased in May 2004, so it’s 3.5 years or so old.

    Sometimes I’ll be idling in traffic and it will just turn off… and some of the trouble lights will go on… sometimes all of the trouble lights, sometimes just a few of them.

    Two times in the past two weeks it: 1) Turned off as I was slowing to stop at a stop sign and 2) turn off as I was pulling in to a parking spot.

    It pretty easily turns back on again. I just take the keys out and put them back in and start the car up again… if the car doesn’t start up again the first time, then it always does the second time.

    Any ideas? It kind of freaks me out.

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    1. Northamericanfarmer says:

      I’ve seen this happen to quite a few vehicles but can’t figure out why except too low of idle. I’m not sure if that’s a carbeurated vehicle but increase the idle speed a bit (not sure how on that vehicle) and see what happens. It can’t see it having much to do with the battery because it doesn’t need it to run. If you needed the battery to run than boosting a vehicle wouldn’t work. Those trouble lights(aka idiot lights) are probably the same ones that come on when you first turn the key on. Basically the same thing that happens when you stall a car.

    2. Striperdood says:

      Run some carb cleaner through it,or injector cleaner,but i am thinkin that car is carbonated,i mean carbureted,or something.

    3. Roy says:

      Sounds to me like some kind of short in your ignition switch. You said you take the keys out and put them back in and it starts right up. I’d say get your ignition switch checked out.
      Good Luck

    4. Jason S says:

      I’ve had something similar happen that turned out to be the pickup coil in the distributor.

      This would happen at lights or slow speeds (same as you described). I wouldn’t have to take the key out of the ignition, I would just crank the engine and it would start right back up. I replaced the part and the problem went away.

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