Spark Plug Broke Off , Nothing To Put A Socket On, How Do I Get It Out

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I have a 94 Chevrolet suburban, while doing a tune up , the number 8 spark plug broke off, and there is nothing to put a socket on. Is there any way (other than taking off the heads) to get it out without risking some parts of it going down the cylinder?

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    1. dbjeeps says:

      get a heli coil but before that drill a hole and try to use an easy out

    2. what ever! says:

      well your best bet is to tap an easy out in it,heat it up and pray.of course you had to break off the one that’s probably the hardest to get at!!

    3. G-man 1 says:

      Yes, they make easy-out bits.(although sometimes not that easy) Go to the local hardware or auto parts store to get the correct size needed or buy the set of them. make sure to put a thick layer of grease on it to catch any metal shavings from going in to the cylinder. They have a left handed style thread looking groves that back out broken studs/bolts Etc like this job. Do not drill it out. That is a last resort effort thing to do if the threads are stripped out, which they are not.
      Good Luck.

    4. Pilsner Man says:

      I’m having a hard time understanding how the base of a plug broke apart, it’s all one piece. I’ve seen the ceramic break, but never the base.

      You could put all the others back in, then drive it to a garage/mechanic.

      I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was another GREAT IDEA by Ford.

    5. thebax2006 says:

      Find a mechanic that has drilled them out before.
      You need an air compressor, 90 degree air drill, set of long drill bits, large set of easy outs, probably a torch to heat the remainder of the spark plug before using the easy outs. A blow gun with a long tube so you can blow out the cylinder after removing the spark plug. You may have to install a heli-coil if the threads are stripped in the head.

    6. catmandew says:

      The Ford 5.4L’s have been having this problem a lot. I found a link to TSB #06-15-2 that I had saved earlier, but I see it has been superseded by TSB 08-1-9, that I hadn’t seen yet. They are the first 2 results in this Google search; ^(
      A lot of good tips there. I see the link says something about Firefox, which is the browser I use. If you have trouble finding the right page, do a Google search for “TSB 06-15-2″.

      I also see here an article from MOTOR Magazine that sounds like it’s about a newer TSB, (08-7-6). ^(
      or here for PDF ^(