Need Cylinder Head For 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Ok see here’s the thing, my timing belt broke a few months back, and naturally it took out all the valves with it, so I now need to repair or replace the entire cylinder head. I was hoping that someone could help me maybe find one online, b/c I do NOT trust any of the mechanic’s around here to send mine off for repair (they wanted to charge me around $1900 to fix mine). I already have the head out that was in there and i have a really good friend that can put a new one in, so i just need to get the part… Thanks for your help in advance
not sure that one on ebay will work for my car… it’s specified for an 01-02 tib..
thanks so much for that information Ginger… I found out from the dealership where to take it (about 2 hours away) and the repairs are going to cost me no more than $300 and that includes all testing, all parts and all labor, so I think i’m getting a good deal. I havn’t driven my elantra since april of last year, and i miss it sooo much!!

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