Need Cylinder Head For 2000 Hyundai Elantra

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Ok see here’s the thing, my timing belt broke a few months back, and naturally it took out all the valves with it, so I now need to repair or replace the entire cylinder head. I was hoping that someone could help me maybe find one online, b/c I do NOT trust any of the mechanic’s around here to send mine off for repair (they wanted to charge me around $1900 to fix mine). I already have the head out that was in there and i have a really good friend that can put a new one in, so i just need to get the part… Thanks for your help in advance
not sure that one on ebay will work for my car… it’s specified for an 01-02 tib..
thanks so much for that information Ginger… I found out from the dealership where to take it (about 2 hours away) and the repairs are going to cost me no more than $300 and that includes all testing, all parts and all labor, so I think i’m getting a good deal. I havn’t driven my elantra since april of last year, and i miss it sooo much!!

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    1. NinjaZX6R says:

      Here’s one on ebay… ^(

    2. Ginger says:

      New head from Hyundai is $570.00 but the head for the 01 Tib is the same. (Hyundai didn’t produce any Tiburons in 2002). In fact, whole engines are interchangeable if you have the correct vehicle information. Try a junkyard.

      You could save some money on a new head if the old one can be machined. Any machine shop can give you an estimate, usually over the phone since most heads are pretty basic when it comes to that. Unless they find irreparable cracks, you’re probably looking at $150 for the press test and repair. If you send the new valves and seals, they would probably reassemble it for you too.

      Ask your local Hyundai dealer who they recommend. Usually, the machine shop is more receptive to retail work if they know you are being referred by a dealer. Or, ask your dealer’s parts dept how much they would charge you to have the head machined. They would take care of sending it out and getting it back and all you’d have to do is pay their markup.