My Car Stops Running While Im Driving. What Could Be Wrong With My Car

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I have a 1997 Nissan Altima with 139,000 miles on it. it hasn’t given me any problems..until about a week ago. i will be driving to work and all of a sudden my car’s (battery, oil, engine, brake) LIGHTS will all turn on and my car will stop running. i usually have to wait about 5 min’s to be able to turn the car again or it wont start. my car will stop running whether im driving on the freeway or on city streets. its so dangerous. i dont know much about car’s so i need some help! thanks a bunch.

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    1. Lizbeth says:

      You may need a new battery, I would go with a mechanic…or maybe it just needs gas lol j/k

    2. Alr538 says:

      It is very possibly the engine control unit(ecu)it is malfunctioning,when you shut the car off it takes about 5 min. to reset the entire system.

    3. Splittinlanes says:

      Whenever your battery dies, your car will run strictly from the alternator. Your car can only do this for a short period of time before it cuts off. If your alternator goes bad then your car will keep runinng until the cylinders no longer can recharge the battery, then it will cut off but not restart. But on the other hand if you’re fuel injector sensor goes bad then your car will cut off. But you can turn it back on sometimes. Also there is a single line that goes from the alternator to the battery. Sometimes this can get corroded or can get a short. if this happens the car will cut off. These are the ONLY things with exception of no gas, that can cut a car off WHILE it is running. First get a free battery and alternator test done at AutoZone. If these are not the problems, there is only two other possibilities. Good luck