My Car Stops Running, Randomly While I’m Driving, What Could Be The Problem

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I have a 1996, chrysler cirrus, i just got the car, it stops randomly when i drive, i checked with a few people but they cant seem to find the problem…….i’m just wondering does anyone know what the problem might be or if its serious? it used to stop twice a week but now its becoming more frequent, about once every two days.
nothing else happens when it stops, it especially stops when i’m slowing down

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    1. Alan says:

      It sounds like your gas fuel filter is in need of being changed. When the filter gets dirty and clogged, the gas can’t get through it to the engine, causing stalls. I would look into that first.

    2. Paul L says:

      Could an electrical or mechanical problem, which makes it hard to figure out. Is there anything else that happens when it stalls?

    3. Mazda Man says:

      Do you have a remote for it. Chrysler has a security system that shuts the fuel if you don’t use the remote sometimes.
      Here is what happened to me three years ago,
      I bought a 1996 Chrysler sedan with one key, very cheap because the ex owner couldn’t find why the car died on him once in a while. Few weeks later, I ordered the remote as I saw all cars like it had one. It came with directions how to program it too. Since I paired the remote with the vehicle the car never died again.
      Good luck

      PS: Try to lock the doors from inside and get out of the vehicle then shut the door. Go to the passenger side and open it using your then op[en the driver’s door without unlocking it.
      Again this could solve the problem only if you don’t have the remote.

    4. Dani Mae says:

      If you are a do-it-yourself type of gal, go to your local auto parts store and they should have a scanner (computer problem reader). An employee at the auto parts store should be able to locate your data link connector bellow your steering wheel, down by your feet hidden behind the panel. This tool will do a computer reading which will come out as a code. From the make and model of the vehicle the employee should be able to look up that code and find the appropriate part needed. The majority of the time it ia a sensor. Here are some things it could be: 1) idle speed incorrect, 2) fuel filter clogged or water in the fuel, 3) damaged or wet distibuter cap and wires, 4) Faulty emissions system conponant 5) spark plugs not gapped correctly or faulty spark plugs or wires 6) vacuum hose leak 7) fuel enjection malfunction. I hope this helps.