My Car Randomly Stops While Im Driving

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I have a 05 chevy malibu classic sometimes when I’m driving it will just shut off I pull the car to.a stop and turn it off. Then when I turn it on it either starts like normal or starts then quickly dies but either way after a few tries it starts and runs normal for like a week or more before it happens again!! Sometimes when I’m driving though it feels like my acceleration cuts out then quicklycuts back in. And today when it happened I stopped at a red light and the car shot forward twice then died while my foot was on the brake.. Any ideas! Going to garage monday what should I tell then to look at

There are 5 Answers for "My Car Randomly Stops While Im Driving"

    1. Steve says:

      Fuel pump or filter spark plugs

    2. Betotron says:

      Air pocket in gas lines

    3. Alex R says:

      Might be fuel pump or faulty acelator line

    4. Hurst1979olds says:

      Check for a vacuum leak. Vacuum leak will cause an engine to idle up and down. Are there any codes?

    5. Slowpoke says:

      I would suspect that the power wires going to the fuel pump are loose, or have an intermittent short.