My Car Makes An Inconsistent Screeching Noise While Driving. Stops When Brakes Applied

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My car makes an inconsistent screeching noise while driving. Stops when brakes applied?

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    1. Stark says:

      You need new brakes . thats a warning signal.

    2. Dee says:

      Check your brakes

    3. Meddlerus says:

      Probably a loose brake pad. If it hasn’t been doing it long it may not be too worn yet and can be refastened to the caliper, but brake pads are cheap enough you might as well replace them while you’re at it.

    4. Dave S says:

      This may be the fan belt and not the brakes at all. With your vehicle running and parked, pop the hood and listen for the source of the sound. (Be careful not to allow hands, head, or loose clothing to get too close to moving parts!!!) If the screeching noise is coming from the front of the engine around the fan and belt(s), that is all your problem is and will be cheap and easy to fix.

    5. ½«gumwrapper says:

      Most vehicle brake pad construction includes a small thin metal tab which is attached to the stamped metal frame the braking material is affixed to. This tab is a warning indicator that your pads require replacement. A simple explanation how it works is, when the break pads are worn down to a certain point, this tab comes in contact with the rotor. The tab is metal and thin and the rotor is metal. Contact of these 2 parts while the car is in motion will cause the tab to squeek/squeal. When your car begins to play that squeek song, it’s time for brake pad replacement.

      It seems to me that is the tune you are hearing from your car.

    6. 2muchcoffee says:

      Have your brakes checked—-it is possible that the brakes have been replaced and they are just squilling—very anoying…can be fixed by putting a piece of duct tape to the back of the pad next to caliper piston.—If the pads have not be replace resently then have them checked and replaced if nesscery.

    7. Wolftatx2 says:

      Brake wear indicators will screech when your brake pads wear down to a certain thickness. Replace them now!