My Car Just Stopped While Driving What Could Cause That

Posted in Internal Engine Parts | Asked on Mar 25, 2011

My car just stopped while driving what could cause that?

There are 4 Answers for "My Car Just Stopped While Driving What Could Cause That"

  1. De_spazz says:

    It broke down and needs some work get your car checked out.

  2. Dennis says:

    You need to explain more .. Could be any thing from a fuel pump to a timing belt.

  3. Pbleek says:

    Take your pick:
    bad alternator, fuel pump, broken timing belt, crank position sensor, fried ECU, many other reasons including running out of fuel.

  4. Mark S says:

    Without a lot more information it could be anything from running out of gas to hitting a brick wall.

    Try asking the question again, and tell us everything you can about the circumstances and symptoms.

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