My Car Is Overheating And I Don’t Know What Else It Could Possibly Be

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Ok, i know a bit about cars. I have a new Radiator already that was just installed couple months ago along with that a new thermostat was replaced and the fan is working fine, you know the fan that cools the engine. So i took it in to my mechanic he strictly works on Ac Radiator overheating problems. They couldn’t pinpoint why my car is overheating. They said nothing is leaking my hoses and everything are fine i have a new radiator cap. So they diagnosed it told me to take it around for a spin see if it over heats. It didn’t it didn’t until i left the mechanic then the heat needle on the dashboard started going up and up passed the water line. Almost to the Red. Pulled over put more radiator fluid. I called the mechanic he said you might need a new gasket. I have a 96 honda civic automatic. It has over 200,000 miles. The mechanic can’t figure out what else it could be besides the gasket. He said a gasket would run about 700.00. That is way to expensive right now. So what do you all think this problem sounds like? When i add radiator fluid it cools down for a little while. But if i drive and stop drive and stop the little thing on the dash goes toward hot it doesn’t stay in the middle.
My car hasn’t had a tune of but i don’t think that would cause this problem. It doesn’t help i know but i figure if i can’t fix the problem the car is going to keep doing the same thing. So i would be blowing the money on a tune up for nothing. I just want to know if it could be something else besides the gasket.

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    1. Helloguy says:

      If you have to continuously add coolant into your radiator then theres a leak some where, most likely the head gasket blew and the coolant is mixing with the oil, 200,000miles? if you can find a better car just sell that car for parts, some young teen will probably buy it for parts….

    2. Whata Waste says:

      You said you had to put coolant in. where is it leaking from? what gasket? the head gasket? check your oil. Is it oil color or is it a milky white substance. This would indicate blown head gasket meaning coolant is getting into the oil and on a car with that many miles it would be cheaper to get another car than to fix that one

    3. Oneiloilokano says:

      With 200k miles it’s not uncommon to blow a head gasket. You’ve already eliminated the other possibilities. Check the oil filer cap or the oil dipstick. If it’s a cream colour you head gasket is blown.

    4. Wildmanny2 says:

      They need to connect a pressure tester to the coolant system.Until then,it’s anybody’s guess.

    5. D.j. Roqdhaus says:

      Why the hell would it be a gasket? A gasket issue would produce an antifreeze or water leak that you would notice, even if it was small. Don’t think it is a gasket issue. I think that you may have a faulty water pump. unfortunately, it will cost just as much as the gasket job to check and test it. Sorry I can’t give you better news.

    6. Aaron says:

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet but your problem might be as simple as air in the cooling system. You said the radiator and thermostat was replaced recently right? A lot of times mechanics are lazy and don’t take the extra few minutes to “burp” the cooling system to make sure all the air has been evacuated. That would be the first thing I would try, it’s free and it could fix your problem quickly.

      It could also very well be the head gasket too. Take it to a shop and ask them to block test it. They basically take a tube filled with fluid and stick it in the top of the radiator. If the fluid changes a certain color it means the head gasket is blown and needs to be replaced.

      Good luck

    7. Der Alte Firz says:

      More than likely, you have a bad water pump. They do wear out. Coolant probably would not leak out until things got so hot and the pressure so high that it started to leak. If you have over 200k miles on the ride and have never replaced the pump, you should think about doin so.

      Now would be a good time to have the belt(s) changed, too. Why not have them done at the same time and save a ton of money on future repairs. The belts have to come of anyway to change the pump.

      Usually belts on newer cars only last about 60-70,000 miles. A water pump may go a bit longer, but why take the chance?