My Air Conditioning Just Went Out In My Civic Help

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I have a 2000 Honda Civic, and the air conditioning just stopped working on the way home. It was working perfectly, then suddenly it started blowing hot air. Not just “less cold” air, I mean HOT air (it was probably 95 degrees outside). The engine was not overheated. Honda wants to charge $90 for a diagnostics test, and if it’s going to cost more than a few hundred dollars to fix we probably won’t fix it.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can estimate what’s wrong and what it would cost? If you need any further details, I’ll check back! Thanks!

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    1. Rich2481 says:

      Sounds like it is low on Freon and needs a recharge, there is a pressure switch on the compressor which shuts it off when pressure goes to low,, dont take it to a dealer, take it to a AC place,

    2. Man_with_koolaid_smile says:

      With the cost of R134a and equipment needed no one is going to fix one less the $100

    3. Tom says:

      Three really common problems with the Honda civic a/c system. 1. a/c condenser fan isn’t working 2. a/c condesner has a leak 3. low freon…90% of the time those are the three causes for A/C failure