My 96 Jeep Cherokee Quit Running

Im about at my witts end with this thing. My Jeep was running fine and then just quit when I was driving down the road. I have good fuel pressure and it turns over fine. I am not getting any spark. If i turn it over I have power to one of the two lines going into the coil (i think I am supposed to have power to one all the time and power to the other when its started?) I had the coil tested and it is supposedly within electrical specs (they cant really test it to make sure it works). I did replace the crankshaft position sensor as there is no way to test it and everyone told me that was the problem. I had a parts place try to sell me a new computer but its $250. Like I said, I think its a problem in the wiring because with the key “on” i have no power to either wire attached to the coil. If I roll it over I get an electric “pulse in one. Is there some sort of auto shut off or fuse I am missing?
Its a 1996 Cherokee with a 4.0 liter inline six cyl. engine, 4×4, automatic.
My #1 spark plug was wet and smelled of fuel.
I did get a rapid “pulse” on the test light on one of the two wires that goes into the coil. Are they both supposed to be hot when I turn it over?
I also replaced the pickup plate. ( I do have some parts around from a running jeep).
Ok…the waterpump I replaced was on the other jeep (the one that runs fine). I dont think the coil is the problem because I switched it with a good one and it still doesnt start. I changed a pickup plate in in the distributer, but that has no effect on timing.
I may not be stating this correctly:
There are two wires that go into my coil. one has a rapid “pulse” when I turn it over and the other seems to be dead. these are the wires that power the coil. I would guess that this means that I am not getting power to the coil.

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