My 94 Honda Civic Overheated Last Year And It Affected The Transmission…$600 To Fix…keep Or Get Rid Of It

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My hubby has already put in over $800 on the overheating issue. The shifting is rough and the transmission fluid smells burnt (according to the mechanic – we’re having it changed). We never changed the fluid after the overheating incident. Should we continue trying to fix this car or chalk it up and save for another car?

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    1. Sylvanias says:

      If you keep continue fixing that car than you just burn your money on that car.. just get rid of it and buy or financing a new one.. because the fixing price and and the sell price is not worth it..

    2. Nakeeyta86 says:

      I think you should start saving for another car, i know Honda’s are great cars but once things like that starts happening other big things start to break, i know this from experience

    3. Hjbergel says:

      It depends on the overall condition of the vehicle.If the rest of the vehicle is in good-excellent shape then I say fix it.But if the vehicle is in not so good shape then I might get rid of it.Another way of deciding what to do is to weigh how much fixing all the vehicles problems against the cost of buying a better vehicle. Honda’s are very reliable vehicles and have been known to go over a half a million miles with routine maintenance so let that also figure into your decision.

    4. Wulfgar_117 says:

      600 dollars for transmisison fluid?? wow. If you have to replace the whole transmission that’s a different story though. But if you fix that i don’t see how many other major parts could go wrong.. if it has over 125 thousand miles i would get rid of it, if it has less than75 thousand miles i would keep it

    5. Itrat N says:

      Start saving for another car

    6. John Doe says:

      Just make sure he changes the filter as well and if that doesnt solve the problem definitely get rid of it. ive been there many times lose my a** on cars trying to fix them after others didnt maintain them. comes a time when you gotta cut your losses and chalk it up to a learning experience. remember the lessens hardest learned are the most difficult ones to forget!!!!