Making A Smallblock Chevy 350 More Fuel Efficient

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I’m wanting to rebuild a small-block chevy 350, but i need some engine parts and accessories that will give me better mpg but still maintain the horsepower a ’69 Nova deserves.

Can anyone give me a complete list of what parts i would be better off buying for better fuel mileage?
Or list a website that tells me all the parts I will need?

Thank you very much…

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    1. 12pleze says:

      I have a 1982 z-28 that had a Saleen crate motor 10,000 niles go with 425hpand 510 lb;s of torque for strip. I decided to make for street. Besides windows ect I changed cam, instead of 2 holly 650 Dbl. Pumpers i put 1 edlebrock 650 cfm, stock exhaust (had 3″ straight from headers,) and put edlebrock high rise manifold with Mallory ignition and Bosch platinum plugs in. also took out hurst slapstick for stock shifter with new shift kit. Now is 345 Hp and 415 lb’s of torque and gets 20MPG+. Also put limited slip diff with 3:73 gears as opposed to 4:10 posi. perfomance plus better gas then most V6’s with under 200 hp and 200 lb’s of torque. Still does low 13’s and top end est at 163 on dyno. 0-60 in under 5. Cam was a crane that I picked up used and was not as radical as When saleen did original build. Can hear but nothing like before. Remember to hook up all vacums right and not to hook up choke. Change all gaskets and use all synthetic fluids. Run 2 weeks befre changing plugs and setting timing too as they wll foul and no need to waste money on new or foul new carb.

    2. Saturn Vue AWD V6 says:

      EFI is one of the best things. A cold air intake, hot plugs gapped correctly, really good synthetic oil in engine, trans and rear end, a high top gear for highway driving. Burn the correct fuel for your compression ratio. Underdrive pulley kit to slow down your accessories (less power loss). Aluminum heads from edelbrock for the street/strip for drivability and weight savings. A manual gearbox is more efficient than an auto. It goes without saying that an big open exhaust will help. Skinny front tires and fiberglass replacement panels to lighten up your body, too. If everything amounts to just 1% improvement in fuel economy, you could quickly increase by 10-15% without a lot of money or thought.

    3. davecat350 says:

      in the world of horsepower there is no such thing as good MPG I run a 91 chevy s-10 with a 427 stroker about 750HP and 800ft.lbs of torque it gets about 4 miles to the gallon on the highway at 50 MPH in 3rd gear and about 1.2MPG on the track with the do you think that my truck would perform the same if it was getting 20 MPG I DONT THINK SO….However you can change to a higher rear gear and you will pick up some MPG but lose your low end take off. SORRY YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY…..

    4. daniel says:

      Aerodynamics is cheap so its probably first to look at. Are you getting air under the body of the car? if so a small air dam will do ya.
      Truth is when you want horsepower your need fuel to make that happen. The faster you go the more fuel it takes. You can do simple modifications to get better mileage. Look at the carburation, lean it out. Take a look at your rear end match it up for what ever use you have in mind.
      Just make sure to have a solid idea of what you want out of the car before you begin messing around or you will get frustrated, confused, and settle for less than what you wanted in the beging.
      Another true statement is high horsepower engines require work, stuff goes wrong be ready to fix.
      69 nova is an awesome body style, good luck bro
      God Bless