I Need Info On A Old AIRCO 200 AMP HORNET SPECIAL Arc Welder

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My buddy has me this welder. There is a climate Hornet Special 200 amp DC welder. It has a flat head 4 cylinder that my buddy said that he thinks is a Herkules.auf the front of the welder has the serial and model numbers. . 2DDG model-LMB-Cserielle E37380M6H6BEs has other information when you need it. The engine needs a starter and altenator. Where can I get this? or parts or information about any of this? would help anything. Thank you

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    1. phop says:

      I did some looking around , it seams ,from some of the post’s that miller electric mad some of those machines . I have been welding for 40 years myself some where on the side of the engine its self there should be a tag that might have some info on it.

      there are many welders out there that use Continental engines. I might think that is what you have.

      if you call your local welding supply and tell them what you have they will be able to help,

      or call here and ask for someone in the shop the guys in the service shop are good

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