I Have A 2002 Honda Civic And Its Overheating I Change The Thermostat And Flush It And Nothing Changed.

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It still overheats.. and when i che ck the radiator cap theres no antifreeze

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    1. Idizzle says:

      Cracked radiator? I had this same problem with my old 01 xterra. also changed the thermostat, but it did nothing.

    2. Honda Guy says:

      The first thing to do is to check to see that the radiator fans are working. if the car has air conditioning, turn the a/c on when the car is running hot. turning the a/c on will turn on the air conditioning condensor fan. if the temperature drops then the primary radiator fan isn’t working. that is typically the cause of the overheating.

      you want to check the area of the seal on the radiator where the plastic tank on top of the radiator is crimped to the metal body of the radiator. if you see white chalky residue anywhere around the top then the seal is ruptured and that’s where your coolant is going and that’s why its overheating. a shop can pressure test the cooling system and identify any leaking area very quickly. if you suspect a leak because of the residue, take it to a shop to have it confirmed.

      again, check the operation of the radiator fan first. that’s the usual cause.

      hope that helps

    3. Richard S says:

      First a cooling system pressure test needs to be done to determine where the fluid is going. If no visible signs of leakage, suspect head gasket which will be seen as steam from the exhaust. If still not evident, remove spark plugs and re-pressurize the cooling system. Let sit for a while and then crank engine, the leaking cylinder will throw fluid from the spark plug hole where the head gasket is bad. The main thing is the fluid had to go some where you just need to find out how it is getting out. Good Luck. A non operational cooling fan will not cause you to loose all of your fluid but will make it over heat.

    4. Jorge Lopez says:

      Your radiator is leaking

    5. Mikaela P says:

      Check the following;
      1. coolant leak
      2. low level of coolant
      3. bad or defective thermostat
      4. clog radiator
      5. bad water pump
      6. bad radiator cap
      7. fan not working
      8. internal leak (blown head gasket)
      Have these things check first. Hope this help!